Referral Program

Welcome to the New MOAEC® Referral Program designed for sales professionals interested in making money in their spare time selling the MOAEC® Software!

MOAEC® Software Allows Music Lovers -

• The easiest, fastest way to search & play your music; optimized for touch screens!
• SAME software interface/user experience across ALL platforms! (Mobile, PC, TV, Auto)
• The ability to create moods/playlists in seconds combining categories/sub categories (Rock - Upbeat - Fav’s - Play)
• No Advertisements
• No Monthly Fees
• Total control of your music & moreā€¦

The New MOAEC® Referral Program offers you the following

• Opportunity to make money in your spare time working independently or with others from your apartment, home or business.

• Make your own work hours/schedule promoting an exciting NEW music entertainment software technology.

• Work with a team of professionals in the growing digital entertainment industry where your success could offer you the opportunity to be reviewed for a full time position based on your performance, skills, sales, attitude, etc.

• Receive a 40% referral/finder’s fee off MOAEC® Software retail pricing for ALL MOAEC® Software orders MOAEC, Inc. receives through your referral efforts.

• Referral/finder’s fee payments are made by MOAEC, Inc. mailing one check at the end of each month to the sales professional for 40% off the total MOAEC Software retail pricing (i.e. less taxes) for all MOAEC Software products purchased through your referral efforts. To receive a monthly check, the minimum referral/finder’s fee payment must be at least $50.00 US. At the end of each month, if the minimum payment of $50.00 US is not met, referral/finder’s fees carry over to the following month until meeting the minimum payment.

• For checks to be mailed please email your “current/updated” contact information including your complete first and last name, company (i.e. if applicable) street address, city, state, zip, email, mobile and/or home phone number.

• All potential customers should also be offered a 10% discount off MOAEC® Software retail pricing by typing in a coupon code (i.e. confidentially associated with you) when a customer purchases the MOAEC® Software at

• One FREE MOAEC Software program and license key is included with your first $50.00 US referral/finder’s fee check.

• To support sales and referral efforts MOAEC, Inc. created “New” video training libraries, faq and forum at and New “MOAEC” Facebook page which we recommend qualified, sales professionals forward to all potential customers.

• MOAEC, Inc. encourages you to link your social network(s) and website(s) to AND the MOAEC" Facebook page to increase your potential to generate revenue.

• To begin the New MOAEC® Referral Program simply forward your resume to for review. Please include current references whom you directly report(ed) to.


Qualified sales professionals and/or candidate(s) offering referrals to MOAEC, Inc. are not employees of MOAEC, Inc. and are only referring potential customers to the company. Nothing contained herein shall be deemed or constructed by the parties hereto, nor by any third party, as creating a business relationship, partnership or joint venture between the parties hereto in any way, nor to create any fiduciary duties on the part of either party. It being understood and agreed that nothing contained herein, nor any actions of the parties hereto, shall be deemed to create any relationship between the parties. Qualified sales professionals/candidates are held liable and are responsible for their own actions. MOAEC, Inc. is not held liable for actions or claims made indirectly or directly by qualified sales professionals and/or candidate(s) offering referrals to the company. MOAEC, Inc. does not guarantee efforts made by qualified sales professionals and/or candidate(s) will result in sales. If sales are not made by a qualified sales professional, MOAEC, Inc. is not responsible for any payment whatsoever to the qualified, sales professional.