Who we are

Since the 1980’s Brian Looney – Founder of MOAEC, Inc. has been at the forefront of the digital entertainment revolution, pioneering media organization and player technology. MOAEC continues to lead the way today by developing innovative solutions that meet the unique challenges posed by the burgeoning wireless revolution and mobile Web.


Long before the market understood the problem or its future implications to the digital consumer, MOAEC foresaw the implications caused by the aggregation of digital music files into large libraries on consumer devices and Web sites, and the potential of a wireless Internet to make these files universally accessible to consumers. This vision led to the creation and release of the first MOAEC product in 2000, a highly integrated and scalable solution capable of organizing, managing and playing media libraries of any size through an intuitive button based touch interface designed to work on any device screen.


The professional grade MOAEC technology has been used in a wide variety of applications across numerous markets by those needing, or wanting the best available media management and player technology for use in their commercial, home and embedded mobile environments.
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What we offer

MOAEC, Inc. provides a family of powerful entertainment center software applications that run independently on their respective platforms, enabling consumers to manage content on the device and make seamless connections to all their off device digital media sources. Our software solutions combine a media organizer and entertainment center; an easy-to-use universal interface with the same look and feel across all products; and the world’s fastest search and discover capability, allowing device manufacturers, mobile and broadband operators and content and service providers to present their customers with an exceptional and consistent user experience across all their devices.


As technology evolves, new generations of computer-like smartphones are being developed to take advantage of advancements in wireless technology and the mobile Web which also demand an improved user experience. These new smartphones are capable of storing thousands of digital songs and other multimedia locally on any device while providing users with wireless Internet access to millions of files aggregated at massive “one stop” Web libraries. These developments are simultaneously fueling the creation of true mobile based systems and the demise of the mobile platform as a distinct media environment separate from the PC and TV.



Driven by the accelerating capabilities of the smartphone, the convergence of these platforms is creating significant ramifications to those wanting to sell multi-media content and control the emerging “cross platform” consumer through “multiplay” licensing models.  With the introduction of Multi Mo™, our next generation multimedia software technology, MOAEC, Inc. continues to be the leading innovator in entertainment automation software by offering a device agnostic “multi screen” solution that addresses these evolutionary trends.