MOAEC History

Our History

Since the 1980’s Brian Looney – Founder of MOAEC, Inc. has been at the forefront of the digital entertainment revolution, pioneering media organization and player technology. Brian’s roots are in the entertainment services industry as a professional DJ and owner of an event management company.  During this tenure, Brian came under constant pressure to find and play specific songs or to seamlessly transition the mood of an event, both critical to the success of the business. The problems associated with meeting those challenges resulted directly from the “disconnect” between the media player technology used and a large library of thousands of songs that were the inherent “tools of the trade” for the company at that time.


Long before the market understood the problem or its future implications to the digital consumer, MOAEC was focused on developing innovative solutions to simultaneously manage and organize content to help bridge this divide between music and machine. The origins of the current MOAEC software system can be traced to earlier efforts which started with the organization of the music library into sub-set attribute groupings through the use of stickers and color coordinated catalogs.  This manual solution eventually evolved into a more automated PC based discovery system featuring database and spreadsheet technology that greatly enhanced the ability to search and playback music.


The advent of the digital revolution and electronic music files presented the first opportunity to solve the “disconnect” problem by merging the content and device in a seamless manner through a PC based solution.  In order to accomplish this goal, MOAEC was transitioned into a software company with an initial design objective to marry the company’s unique schema for organizing files together with a simple graphical user interface (GUI) concept. This formed the underlying architecture for the first generation MOAEC software application.


Unlike current jukebox software applications  that have adopted traditional menu driven file systems originally intended for office or business automation, the MOAEC system was developed from the ground up as the industry’s first true “entertainment automation” application. The novel design incorporated the most popular features and functions of music players and music delivery services from the past fifty years. Extensive user intelligence on media player technology and consumer preferences that the company gathered while professionally operating a variety of devices was also taken into consideration.


The result was a system years ahead of its time that made accessing, selecting and playing digital files exceptionally easy for the user. The unique combination of innovative concepts and features yielded the following list of functions and benefits that competing solution providers are just now beginning to understand and employ across their desktop, mobile and back-end e-commerce applications.


  • Button Based GUI & Touch Screen Compatibility
  • Automatic Organization and Playback of Media by Categories & Sub Categories
  • High Speed Parametric Search Engine
  • Instant Automatic Generation of Playlists
  • Automated Professional DJ Functionality
  • Multi Screen Implementations


The company filed for patent protection on its technology and was awarded the first of four US patents in June, 1999. Since the first product release in 2000, MOAEC, Inc. has pioneered digital entertainment software. Professional grade MOAEC technology has been used in a wide variety of applications across unlimited markets and numerous countries by those needing or wanting the best available media management and player technology for use in their commercial, home or mobile environments.