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Patent Abstracts


USPN 5,969,283, Claim 1 -  A music organizer and entertainment center that includes (1) a storage device that stores encrypted, compressed data corresponding to music selections (the storage device can be local or remote, integral with the user's system or totally separate from the same); (2) a processor that retrieves the music selections based on user specified categories (the selection process can be, but need not be, through a GUI with buttons, activated by touch, cursor, voice or any other method); (3) a decompression device that decompresses the selections if the user has an appropriate decryption key; and (4) a sound card that plays the selections.


USPN 6,232,539, Claim 1 - A music organizer and entertainment center that includes (1) a storage storing compressed data corresponding to music selections (same scope as in '283 patent); (2) a processor that retrieves selections based on user specified categories (same scope as in '283 patent); (3) a data decompressor (unlike the '283 patent, it need not respond to a decryption key); (4) a network interface for receiving the compressed data selections from a remote source; and (5) a GUI (can be activated by touch, cursor, voice or any other method), with a plurality of category buttons, which, when selected, displays the selections corresponding to the chosen categories. 


USPN 6,953,886, Claim 1 - A media (not limited to music) organizer and entertainment center that includes (1) an importer that imports compressed media selections to the system; (2) a storage device that stores the imported selections; (3) a retriever that retrieves selections from the storage device; (4) a selector that allows the user to specify which selections are to be retrieved based on selected categories and a selected time interval; (5) a decompressor for the selected selections; and (6) an output device that plays the selected selections for the user specified time interval.


USPN 7,205,471 Claim 1- A system for organizing media/data selections that includes (1) a storage device (remote, local, etc.) that stores media/data selections that have associated categories and sub-categories; (2) a user interface (any type) that has buttons corresponding to the categories and sub-categories: (3) a selector that selects the media/data selections from the storage device based on user specified categories and sub-categories and automatically generates a playlist of the selections with the selected category/sub-category combinations; and (4) a playback device that plays the selections in the playlist (local, remote, of any type).



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