"We’ve been using MOAEC as our #1 go to music software at home & DJ events since August 2001. MOAEC is stable, easy to use and a great multi-purpose program. It's really improved how we access and enjoy our digital entertainment"

Keith Washo - San Jose, CA



"We've been using MOAEC since March 2002. We had scattered songs all over our PC and had to manually open folders to play them. We also had racks of CD's we had to manually open and look at before deciding which ones to play. A lot of people visit us at home, come over for dinner and such. It's really great to click Jazz for 2 hours, and have the MOAEC play dinner music for the evening. It's great to put all of my CD's in the attic and have all the same music I've ever had right in my laptop! My wife has her own play-list and she can hear her favorite music without having to locate the CD. I love showing the system to my friends. It freed up space on my living room shelves. It's just a fun thing to have. I buy music from Apple for 99 cents per song, own an IPod but play music with MOAEC. If MOAEC Software was on my IPod I would be the happiest person in the world!

Will Barratt -  Los Angeles, CA




“We’ve been using MOAEC since September 2002 and all I can say is I love this product! The way I can find and play my favorite songs in seconds is amazing! I love the way it's so easy to create the atmosphere I want quickly. All my friends love MOAEC and are stunned by the power it offers to catalog, retrieve and playback music. I also use it to DJ parties!!!"

David Hurley - San Jose, CA




"I used Records, 8 Tracks, Cassettes, CD's and have been using MOAEC since February, 2003. My library is approx. 1200 discs of which I only play a few songs from each CD. I wanted more control of my music and found that in MOAEC. I quickly play favorite songs, create play lists for family parties, dinners and special events. I also burn custom CD's then play them in my car."

Tom Turner Charlotte, NC





"I’ve been using MOAEC since August 2003. MOAEC is user friendly and stores more music than I could carry in a CD case. It’s like having your own personal DJ riding around with you in the car."

Ty Law - Professional Football Player





"We installed MOAEC on October, 2003 in a new Stretched Bentley Limousine which was sold to a celebrity. MOAEC is easy to operate and function. Custom playlists and CD’s can be made quickly.”

“Mad Mike” Martin of “Pimp My Ride”







"MOAEC® has been an important part of our growth since 2003 with our soon to be 20th location and all of our NEW Franchises. It has allowed us to focus on the more important things such as our “Customers”. This is an extremely easy program to use and to load up. All the Management Team are so impressed with the many options the program comes with, it is easy to set at varying degrees to have constant change as to not get into the same old pattern or routine. This is such a simple tool that can separate you from the rest of your competition and give you a major advantage. The service after the sale is very professional, quick and responsive.... If you actually ever have an issue."

Joshua M. Aliesch - Lacrosse, WI





"We were using CD players and DJ's for over 15 years. We had high costs associated with CD theft, damage and CD player replacement. We've been using MOAEC since October 2003. We're loading all our CD’s into our PC, including Promo Only, USA Top Hits, etc. MOAEC is easy to use for our entire staff and offers us instant access to play and program the best music. This saves us time searching for songs and allows our DJ's to focus on our customers. We use a touch screen, which works great due to MOAEC's big buttons. This eliminates the need for a keyboard and mouse. The commercial, advertising aspect of MOAEC is GREAT! We are promoting our products, information and services to enhance awareness and increase sales!”

Nick Champa - Lexington, KY



"We used records, cassettes, cd's, pc, winamp music software & DJ's over the past 25 years. In all technologies we had theft, damage problems AND there was an absence of organization and control. We’ve been using MOAEC since 2004. The MOAEC system is beautiful in its operating simplicity. It is idiot proof and the organization is ABSOLUTE! I am in control and know what is playing 100% of the time by a simple visual inspection. I can easily understand in seconds exactly what is being programmed to play. We quickly and easily edit music at leisure to guarantee the appropriate atmosphere for our conservative clientele. After 25 years the music problem for us is finally fixed!"

Rock Allman - Elgin, SC


"We used turntables 25yrs, CD players 8yrs, direct TV 5yrs and SAM Computerized CD Jukebox 3yrs. The main problem we had with these technologies was un-organization, maintenance and slow retrieval times of the songs we needed to create the atmosphere. It took us over one hour to program our sessions! We've been using MOAEC since December, 2004 and LOVE the product for many reasons. We trained our entire staff on the product in MINUTES and now create our sessions in SECONDS. MOAEC is really easy to use. We made categories for our games and announcements so our employees create the right atmosphere quickly. Searching is easier for us than ever before to find and play requests. MOAEC allowed us to multitask our employees to drive down cost. We no longer need a DJ to monitor the booth and will be advertising products, information and services to increase sales. I've been in the skating and entertainment industry for 25 years and from a 1 to 10, MOAEC is a 9.5!"

Kevin Beebe - Orangeburg, SC