Master Mo®

server-roomMaster Mo®

The highly scalable Master Mo® media server solutions can consist of one or more MOAEC® applications. Professional grade multi-media entertainment center software  and innovative media server software can optimize content accessibility by supporting the organization and management of unlimited multimedia files and the syncing/streaming and downloading/uploading of that content to smartphones, PC’s, laptops, smart TVs, embedded automotive systems and other Internet enabled devices.


The Master Mo® media server software was designed to seamlessly integrate large online content libraries with the Multi Mo® application suite for use on Internet enabled devices and facilitate seamless interoperability across all platforms. When Master Mo® is implemented at a content provider e-commerce site, it allows user inputs from MOAEC® applications search mechanisms to gain access to the content provider’s database of music and other multimedia. By doing so, a seamless connection is established between the user and their online content source through which responses can be delivered to Internet enabled devices facilitating the industry’s fastest and easiest online content search, discovery and acquisition capabilities.


This innovative user input search mechanism focuses the user’s attention on relevant content and overcomes the major online content discovery time and “bottleneck” that currently exists with web stores. This allows time constrained users with urgent or repetitive behavioral tendencies to benefit from instant, on-demand results. The same features help generate promotion and revenue opportunities for wireless operators and their content provider partners.  


Carriers and content providers can choose to deploy the Master Mo® applications on their servers in a variety of ways, including, but not limited to the following:


  1. as a web interface conecting to their existing content
  2. as part of a dual repository approach that utilizes the full Master Mo™ application and database alongside their existing database as a complimentary solution dedicated to supporting the mobile user / network.
  3. as the primary application and database solution supporting their entire network enabling full content and web integration across all mobile and fixed platforms.


Server System Requirements

CPU – 3 GHz Dual Core Processor or greater
Memory – 8GB RAM or greater
Operating System – OS – Windows XP Pro SP3, Windows Vista, or Windows 7
Hard Drive Storage = 300 Songs per Gig @ 128 Kbs
Sound Card – Full Duplex sound card and speakers
Screen Resolution – 1920 x 1080 or Highest Recommended (800 x 600 Minimum)
High Speed Internet Connection  - (activation, syncing, streaming, downloads, updates)

NOTE* Data Transfer Upload Speed recommended at 5 mbps or greater