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Plas Mo® Software

A professional grade, “Best of Breed”, multi-media entertainment center software application based on a unique “Entertainment Automation” design concept that provides instant responses to user voice and/or touch inputs. Plas Mo™ offers a simple and reconfigurable user interface that can be adjusted to any screen or room size to help turn your LCD/Plasma with PC or Smart TV’s into user friendly entertainment centers.


Features and Benefits

  • Quickly Import & organize your CD’s, MP3’s & playlists on your PC running PC Mo®, Pro Mo® or Pro Mo® Plus Software and connect to your LCD/Plasma screen or Smart TV WITHOUT typing
  • Wirelessly stream your music between your PC's running Pro Mo® or Pro Mo® Plus Software connected to your LCD/Plasma screens or Smart TV on your network
  • Instantly search & play music by keyword, artist, title, album, year, genre, sub genre, mood, favorites & more
  • Backup and restore your music and playlists
  • Automatically mix songs together with built in DJ to keeps things hopping!
  • Customizable software interface allows you to personalize your experience
  • Color coded categories increase ease of use
  • No advertisements in software!

  • Contact to review your application and how we can assist you.

    PC System Requirements

    • CPU – 3 GHz Processor or greater
    • Memory – 4 GB RAM or greater
    • Operating System – Windows XP Pro SP3, Vista, or Windows 7
    • Storage – 1 GB = (i.e. Approx. 300 MP3 songs @ 128 Kbs, 44,100 KHz)
    • Sound Card – Full Duplex sound card and speakers
    • Music Files - MP3
    • Screen Resolution – 1920 x 1080 or Highest Recommended (800 x 600 Minimum)
    • High Speed Internet - (activation, syncing, streaming, downloads, updates)

    * Data Transfer Upload Speed recommended at 5 mbps or greater